(All-University Policy) (Applicable to University employees as well as students.)

It is the policy of Michigan State University to prevent accidents in work, class, and other activities which the University supervises, is responsible for, or sponsors. Each person, regardless of official or unofficial status, who assumes or is assigned responsibility for the work or activities of others is administratively responsible for their safety during such work or activities. Investigation of accidents to University personnel and students during work, class, or sponsored activities is the responsibility of the person whose job it is to supervise the person injured.

It is the intention of the University that there shall be compliance with safe practice standards which are a matter of professional knowledge and with official codes and regulations. Each department is responsible for the establishment and preservation of safe conditions and safe practices within the area of jurisdiction of the department.

Each student organization is responsible for safe conditions and safe practices within its area of activity and for the prevention of accidents to members and guests. Questions regarding safety standards, codes, and regulations including those standards pertaining to decorations, food sanitation, public assemblage, emergency planning, fire safety, and accident prevention may be directed to the Division of Safety and Public Health of the MSU Police.

(See also: General Student Regulation 2.00 and 3.00.)

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