Distribution of Literature

(Article 9 of Michigan State University Student Rights and Responsibilities)

I. Definitions

A. Independent student publications: Publications that are prepared and distributed, at least in part, by students and that are not funded by the administrative units of the University. Independent student publications are typically publications of student living units, governing groups, registered student organizations, or student groups.

B. University-supported student publications: Publications that receive funding from administrative units of the University.

II. General Guidelines

A. Students and student groups shall have maximum freedom to express opinions and communicate ideas by preparing and distributing independent student publications.

B. The University shall neither authorize nor prohibit the solicitation of advertising by an independent student publication.

C. Administrative units may provide advice and counsel, but all University-supported student publications shall be guaranteed freedom of content and editorial policy.

D. The withdrawal of financial support as a means of censorship over those University-supported student publications which are in substance a forum for free speech is recognized to be inappropriate.

E. A University-funded publication should identify the campus unit responsible for its preparation and distribution.

F. Regulations governing distribution of publications shall apply equally to all publications.

G. No door-to-door solicitations for sale shall be permitted in organized living units on the campus without permission from the proper governing authority for the living unit. Each on-campus living unit shall decide what policies shall be formulated for distribution of publications within the living unit.

H. For buildings other than organized living units, the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and the all-University student governing bodies, after consultation with the administrative, faculty, and student occupants of the building, shall determine designated places for the distribution of publications.

I. Publications may be distributed in living units, classroom buildings, and office buildings, but only in the places established through the procedures described above. Hand-to-hand distribution is permitted in all public areas of campus buildings, subject to building security and access rules and such limitations as are necessary to prevent interference with scheduled University activities.

J. Publications shall be permitted outside campus buildings, subject only to such limitations as are necessary to prevent interference with the use of streets, sidewalks, and building entrances for other purposes.

K. The offices of the Secretary of the Board of Trustees and ASMSU shall keep available for inspection an up-to-date list of places of distribution within campus buildings.

L. Any regulations necessary to implement these guidelines shall be developed in accordance with Article 8 of this document.

Student Group Regulations, Administrative Rulings, All-University Policies, and Selected Ordinances