Spartan Life Welcome Letter

August 2023

Dear MSU Student:

As a community that values learning, it is important we set standards that promote a safe and healthy atmosphere conducive to learning. The Spartan Life Handbook and Resource Guide presents policies, regulations and guidelines developed to ensure an environment that furthers opportunities for intellectual and personal development while protecting individual freedoms. As a student, you are encouraged to exercise your rights, and you are expected to adhere to these established standards.

We urge you to become familiar with these standards so that as you engage in the life of the university, both inside and outside the classroom, you these standards will help you to learn from people of different cultural backgrounds, examine new philosophies, develop new interests and skills, and prepare for active participation in a rapidly changing global society. Please take the initiative to expand your horizons and advantage of the programs and services created to support your success. Team members in  the division of Student Life & Engagement and the department of Student Development and Leadership, as well as many others across the university, are ready and willing to provide assistance to you.

We appreciate the contributions of the students, faculty and staff who made this publication possible and are proud of the important resources offered by the university. Our hope is to create a vibrant, exciting and rewarding learning community for all.


Vennie Gore
Senior Vice President for Student Life & Engagement