Distribution of Material in Residence Halls

(Student Group Regulation)

Distribution of materials in the residence halls is restricted to protect all the occupants of the halls from mass distribution of material that is generally not of interest to the majority of the occupants; to protect the privacy of the individual; and to facilitate a method of circulation which is feasible and effective. All distribution of materials in residence halls requires prior approval.

Generally permitted distribution (requires approval):

  1. Mailbox distribution
  2. Free-will, pick up distribution
  3. Bulletin boards

Prohibited distribution:

  1. Door to door
  2. Commercial distribution

For more information regarding the policy, contact Residence Education and Housing Services.

  • Residence Halls Associations
  • Residence Education and Housing Services
  • Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises
  • May, 1965; Revised February 27, 1973; July 22, 1983; July 22, 2014

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