Food, Public Sale on Campus

(Administrative Ruling-Applicable to University employees as well as students.)

Food offered for public sale on the campus must, in general, be handled only through the facilities of the Division of Residential and Hospitality Services. This policy does not affect departments or colleges which have established cooperative coffee services that are offered only to their staff and guests. Such service, by agreement, is limited to donuts, rolls, coffee, and soft drinks.

In order to accommodate University organizations, both student and staff, who want the option to offer limited food service to invited guests either as a service to these guests or as a money raising project (or both), and in order at the same time to protect the University and its public, the University allows organizations to offer food for sale under the following guidelines or conditions.

a. Sales shall be limited to special events or projects and not for general sale to the campus public.

b. Location and/or time must be such that sales would not be in competition with an established food service. (When the University has a food operation in a building, food will be sold only by that unit.)

c. Location must meet health standards of the State of Michigan. These locations will be inspected by the Residential and Hospitality Services Division with any needed help from the University sanitarian.

d. Only packaged or prepared food may be served, including but not necessarily limited to donuts, soft drinks, and packaged snack items.

e. No food requiring preparation by health certified personnel may be served. Food prepared by outside vendors is not approved.

f. Food may be obtained from the Concessions Department and charged at cost plus handling.

g. The sponsoring organization must be responsible for any loss of or damage to loaned equipment.

h. This organization must also be responsible for cleanup of any academic or other facilities and arrangements must be cleared with Infrastructure Planning and Facilities for any such needed service. An appropriate job request will be necessary for this.

(NOTE: Student organizations offering food for sale must register the event and/or activity according to Section b, “Revenue-producing Projects” of the All-University Policy on University Facilities and Services and have it reviewed by the Residential and Hospitality Services Division.)

  • Housing and Food Services Division
  • March 26, 1968

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