Colloquium Event List 2023

College Colloquiums

Friday, August 25 3:00 - 6:00 PM at Location Varies

You, as a new student, are REQUIRED to participate in this event. New Spartans will meet other new students in their college, the Dean, Faculty, Academic Advisers and upper-class students. This session is an essential way for you to learn about what it takes to be successful at State. “Colloquium with Your College” locations are listed below. Please check back for updates.

Agriculture & Natural Resources
The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) anxiously awaits your attendance for this awesome welcome event. During our time together we will induct you into CANR and our House System. You will then have an opportunity to engage with your department and major faculty, advisors and supporters. During this time you will establish peer connections that will support you through the first days and weeks of the semester. 
Anthony Hall, Room 1281


Arts & Letters, College of (CAL)


Communication Arts and Sciences 
College Resource Fair before and after the Department Welcome (location varies based on major)
First floor of Communication Arts and Science building. CAS 147, Studio A, and CAS 145


9:00-9:15 Kinesiology Session KIVA
10:00-10:30 Kinesiology Mingle Outside Patio behind Sparty’s at Erickson
10:30-10:45 Teacher Prep Session KIVA
11:30-12:00 Teacher Prep Mingle Outside Patio behind Sparty’s at Erickson


Eli Broad College of Business
Colloquium will be at 9 - 11 AM with a welcome from the Dean and Associate Dean, a keynote speaker, and a student involvement panel at the Wharton Center. During the 3 - 6 PM time, we will host a Fall Welcome picnic on the Secchia Lawn (behind the Minskoff Pavilion) 


All undergraduate engineering 1st year and transfer students new to MSU as of Fall 2023 are required to attend this event. The fall 2023 College of Engineering Colloquium will take place on Friday, August 25 at 3:00 PM in the Breslin Center on the Concourse. Students please arrive by 2:45 PM and have a seat in the main arena. Go Green!


Exploratory Preference Major and Exploring Students


Honors College (HC)


James Madison 


Lyman Briggs 




Natural Science 
Click on link to website of NatSci Colloquium 2023 below.


Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative




Residential College in the Arts & Humanities 
Fall 2023 RCAH Welcome Week: Come join us for free and fun events as you begin your RCAH journey. Events include a Faculty Meet and Greet, RCAH Council-sponsored Scavenger Hunt, Tie-Dye, Creative Activities, and More!
RCAH Theater (C20 Snyder) as well as C201/C202/C203/C204 Snyder


Social Science 
Welcome to the College of Social Science! We are excited to welcome our new Social Scientists to MSU.
Wharton Center, Cobb Great Hall


Veterinary Medicine