Waived Fees Pilot Project

The Waived Fees Pilot Project is a collaborative partnership between the RSO Team in the Office of Spartan Experiences (OSE) and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF). With a common goal of further supporting student engagement and success on campus, we have identified a space where RSOs can meet without incurring custodial fees. At this time the pilot program is limited to fall semester 2022. Please see qualifications for waived custodial fees below.

Thank you to the Pilot Program Sponsors:


 For any questions about the Pilot Program, please contact us at involve@msu.edu

  • Project Scope
    • Groups in scope for the fall 2022 Waived Fee Pilot Project:
      • Registered Student Organizations.
    • Events in scope for this pilot project:
      • Events held any day of the week.
      • Any event with or without food.
      • Weekly/bi-weekly meetings.
      • Regular activity nights.
      • Single-room events.
    • Events not in scope for this pilot project:
      • Large-scale events.
      • Multiple-room events.
    • Date Limitation:
      • Excludes home football gamedays.
      • Excludes university holidays and breaks.
  • Location for Pilot Project
    • Wells Hall A-Wing:
      • 48 classrooms in scope for this pilot project
      • Capacity ranges from 25-42
      • Rooms will be set “as is.”
      • Additional tables, equipment, etc. WILL incur fees.
  • Booking a Pilot Project Space
    To participate in the Pilot Project and book a room in Wells:
    • Submit an Involve@State Event Request Form, starting 1 August.
      • For location please indicate Wells Hall A-Wing Room.
    • IPF Campus Events office will notify RSO if an IPF Event Service Request is required. 
      • IPF Event Service Request must be submitted ONLY AFTER instructed to do so.
      • IPF Campus Events Office will manage the waived fees and determine any applicable charges that are beyond the scope of this pilot.
    • Rooms in Wells Hall A-Wing will continue to be first come first served basis based on availability.
  • Guidelines for Pilot Spaces