RSO Engagement Program


The RSO Engagement Program is a collaborative partnership between the RSO Team in the Office of Spartan Experiences (OSE) and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities (IPF). With a common goal of further supporting student engagement and success on campus, we have a space where RSOs can meet without incurring custodial fees. Please see qualifications for waived custodial fees below. 

Thank you to the RSO Engagement Program Sponsors: 


RSO Engagement Program Utilization 

Groups that want to use the RSO Engagement Program must be a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with active status and in good standing with OSE.  

The RSO Engagement Program is only utilizing the following location currently for the program: 

  • Wells Hall A-Wing: 
    • 48 classrooms in scope for this pilot project 
    • Capacity ranges from 25-42 
    • Rooms will be set “as is.” 
    • Additional tables, equipment, etc. WILL incur fees. 

Eventsthat may fall under the RSO Engagement Program: 

  • Events that are held any day of the week. 
  • Any event with or without food. 
  • Weekly/bi-weekly meetings. 
  • Regular activity nights. 
  • Single-room events. 

Events that will not be allowed under the fee-waiver: 

  • Large-scale events. 
  • Multiple-room events. 

Date Limitations: 

  • Excludes home football gamedays. 
  • Excludes university holidays and breaks. 
  • Any period OSE has listed as non-event dates (ex. Finals week) 

Booking a space to utilize the RSO Engagement Program 

To participate in the RSO Engagement Program and book a room in Wells: 

  • Submit an Involve@State Event Request Form. 
    • For location, please indicate Wells Hall A-Wing Room. 
  • IPF Campus Events office will notify RSO if an IPF Event Service Request is required.  
    • IPF Event Service Request must be submitted ONLY AFTER instructed to do so. 
    • IPF Campus Events Office will manage the waived fees and determine any applicable charges that are beyond the scope of this pilot. 
  • Rooms in Wells Hall A-Wing will continue to be first come first served basis based on availability. 

For any questions about the RSO Engagement Program, please contact us at