Student Rights and Responsibilities

This document provides the framework for student rights and responsibilities at Michigan State University, including student conduct, academic pursuits, keeping of records, and publications. It describes procedures for formulating regulations governing student conduct and for providing due process in the adjudication of student disciplinary cases. This document also defines channels and procedures for student complaints and grievances.



ARTICLE 1:  Guiding Values and Principles

ARTICLE 2:  Academic Rights and Responsibilities

ARTICLE 3:  Student Records

ARTICLE 4:  Non-Academic Hearing Board Structures

ARTICLE 5:  Adjudication of Non-Academic Cases

ARTICLE 6: Academic Hearing Board Structures

ARTICLE 7:  Adjudication of Academic Cases

ARTICLE 8:  Regulations, Policies, and Rulings

ARTICLE 9:  Independent and University-Supported Student Publications

ARTICLE 10:  Office of the Ombudsperson

ARTICLE 11: Definitions and Acronyms

ARTICLE 12: Procedures for Amending and Revising This Document

History of Approval