The Colleges of Human Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University share with the rest of the University the commitment to free inquiry and pursuit of knowledge that mark the academic institution. Students enrolled in the professional curricula of these three colleges are collectively referred to in this document as “medical students”. This document and the related Michigan State University Student Rights and Responsibilities and Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities documents contain guidelines to the rights and responsibilities of medical students in matters of conduct, academic pursuits, keeping of records, and employment. This document describes structures and procedures for interpreting and amending the guidelines, for formulating regulations governing medical student conduct, for adjudicating medical student disciplinary cases, and for channeling medical student complaints, grievances, or concerns to faculty, staff, and administrators for appropriate action.

The Colleges of Human Medicine, Osteopathic Medicine, and Veterinary Medicine educate students for careers in the medical professions and evaluate students on their professional behavior as well as on other elements of their academic performance. This dual focus has been incorporated into this document. When disputes or complaints arise regarding medical student rights and responsibilities, the academic tradition of the University and the professional traditions of the medical professions generally allow for the differences to be settled quickly and informally. This document is intended, in part, to address those instances when a formal mechanism for adjudicating differences must be instituted.