• RSO Reporting Off-Campus Event and Travel Expectation

    If your organization hosted an event off-campus or traveled off-campus as an organization and meets one of the below criteria you must submit the  Clery Non-Campus Property Form. This expectation is due to the Clery Act requirements we are expected to follow.

    Criteria are:

    • If the RSO is hosting an event, meeting, practice, etc and has a written agreement for use of a building or property (including fields, parks, event venues, etc.).
    • If the RSO is traveling and has a written agreement for use of a building or property (including lodging or event venue, etc.).

    Information that you will need to provide is:

    • If there is a MSU faculty or staff in attendance for possible Campus Security Authority (CSA) designation).
    • Address of the location the RSO is renting or owns.
    • Date(s) and time(s) for the event(s), meeting(s), practice(s) or trip(s).
  • MSU Sponsored International Travel

    If your international RSO trip is MSU-sponsored, please follow the directions below under “Global Travel Registry” section to register your trip and to activate the relevant benefits. The definition of MSU-sponsored international travel may be found at:

    Only RSO trips that are MSU-sponsored can be registered in the MSU Global Travel Registry and can access the benefits described below. If you are unsure whether an RSO trip is MSU-sponsored, please contact the Office for Global Health, Safety, and Security at or 517-884-2174.

    If your trip is not considered MSU-sponsored, your group is encouraged to purchase International SOS membership and international health insurance independently at: For coverage comparable to MSU’s, select a plan that includes medical benefits.

  • Global Travel Registry & Health Insurance for MSU-Sponsored International Travel

    MSU RSOs traveling internationally on trips that are MSU-sponsored, but not part of an Office for Education Abroad program, must register their travel in the MSU Global Travel Registry: It is not necessary to submit a travel request to Concur. Travel registration can be completed by the individual travelers, a group leader, or an RSO advisor. We recommend registering the group together. 

    Benefits of Registering in the MSU Global Travel Registry:
      • Activates free international health, evacuation and repatriation insurance.
      • Allows travelers to utilize International SOS 24/7 support for urgent or routine medical and security issues.
      • Allows travelers to utilize MSU emergency support services.
      • Provides important pre-departure information.
      • Serves as a crisis response tool.
    MSU does not support registered student organization travel to high-risk destinations unless a waiver is approved in advance of travel. Waivers must be submitted at least three weeks before departure and before flights are purchased. For more information on the waiver process, please refer to
  • Travel Safety Trips
    • Enroll all US citizens and nationals in the US Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Plan at Encourage international students to register with their local Embassy.
    • Individual travelers should discuss travel plans with their primary care physician and/or International SOS at 1-215-942-8478 or (their pre-travel consultations with a medical professional are free to MSU travelers).
    • Consider making an appointment with the MSU Travel Clinic ( or another travel health professional if you need immunizations, malaria prophylaxis, etc.
    • Maintain a high level of vigilance and avoid traveling alone whenever possible.
    • Regularly monitor local and international media to increase awareness of local events and entry restrictions.
    • Heed the advice of local authorities.
    • Do not participate in protests or demonstrations even those with peaceful intentions.
    • Pre-program important contact numbers into your mobile phone.
    • Consider purchasing trip cancellation or trip insurance coverage.
  • Office for Global Health, Safety and Security (Global Security)

    The Office for Global Health, Safety and Security (Global Security) supports the health, safety, and security of all MSU-sponsored international travelers. Global Security can offer travel safety guidance and are available 24/7 to respond to a crisis. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Global Safety.


    Telephone: 517-884-2174





    24/7 International SOS Medical and Security Assistance: +1-215-942-8478
    24/7 MSU International Emergency Assistance Line: +1-517-353-3784

  • MSU-Sponsored Domestic Travel

    International SOS recently extended some of its services to MSU-sponsored domestic travel. The following is now available to those on MSU-sponsored domestic travel:

    Pre-travel security and medical briefings (contact to arrange).

    • Medical advice during travel by contacting the International SOS 24/7 Assistance Center: 1-215-942-8478.
    • Travel alerts. Download the International SOS app and enable location sharing (recommended to get more location-specific alerts) or log in to with MSU membership # 11BCAS798617 and select “Sign Up for Email Alerts”.

    Printable COVID-19 Pocket Guides.

    Importantly, these International SOS services do not include medical insurance for MSU-Sponsored domestic travel. Travelers would still need to work through their usual domestic insurance to cover health care costs. 

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Updated 12 August 2022