The Registered Student Organizations Advisers Handbook (RSOAH) is published by the Department of Student Involvement and Leadership in order to assist staff and faculty who have volunteered to advise one of Michigan State University’s Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) in operational functions including but not limited to topics such as finances, registering, hosting events, and running meetings. 

This handbook is designed with two functions in mind: first and foremost, this document is designed to be a guide for new advisers as they begin their role as an RSO Advisor. Secondly, this document is designed as a refresher for advisers that have already familiarized themselves with the responsibilities of an RSO Advisor. 

Please read through the entirety of this document, as it outlines the rights and responsibilities that you have as an RSO Advisor, both to your organization and to Michigan State such as Clery Act reporting and RVSM reporting.

This RSOAH will be reviewed annually by the RSO Team and other appropriate campus partners. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email, call or visit the RSO Team:


Phone: 517-355-8286

Address: 101 Student Services Building, 556 E. Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824