Annual List

As an Adviser it is suggested to use the below checklist to help make sure you are set up for the upcoming year:

  1. Ensure you accept/confirm your role and your profile and role is visible on the Involve@State platform by the end of the Annual Registration period
  2. Ensure you are receiving the weekly Adviser Newsletter
  3. Undergo the annual mandatory Clery Act training
  4. Undergo the annual mandatory Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct training
  5. Have a transition meeting with outgoing and incoming officers, if at all possible shortly after elections
  6. Have a retreat for your new officers  shortly after your transition meeting
    1. Layout expectations with your organization and its student leaders in regards to communication methods, relationship, etc. with you.
    2. Collaborate on goals for the board and organization
  7. Ensure officers are updated as student leaders change
  8. Ensure the organization leadership registers the organization on time