East Lansing is Spartan Country

WWhether you live on- or off-campus, you are likely a resident of East Lansing. Some off-campus addresses have an East Lansing mailing address but are located in other municipalities. This is important because it means you can vote locally in local, state and national elections. Register to vote by stopping in at the City Clerk’s office, located in East Lansing City Hall, 410 Abbot Road or by visiting mvic.sos.state.mi.us/Home/RegisterToVote. As for on-campus students, many voting precincts are located inside residence halls, making it very convenient to cast a ballot once you have registered. If you have questions, contact the City Clerk’s office at (517) 319-6914. For general voter information, including details on absentee ballots, please visit: mighigan.gov/vote or msuvote.msu.edu.

Whether you are living on- or off-campus, you are protected 24 hours a day, seven days a week by multiple public safety agencies, including East Lansing Fire and Police Departments (ELPD) and MSU Police Department (MSUPD), among others.

The city asks that students look out for their personal safety and the safety of others by being smart about the amount of alcohol they consume. Let a friend, roommate or family member know where you are headed. Off-campus students should be mindful of the city’s open alcohol and minor-in-possession laws, which are strictly enforced. Drunk driving is also strictly enforced by both ELPD and MSUPD. Students should know the warning signs for alcohol poisoning and call 911 at any time there is a concern. Medical amnesty laws protect callers seeking help: ossa.msu.edu/medical-amnesty.
Remember to lock your doors and windows at night and when not in your residence. Keep all valuables, such as cell phones, purses, and laptops out of sight when hosting social events and know your guests.

East Lansing is proud to be a university community, with students making up roughly half of the population. As new residents, all students are encouraged to take advantage of the many amenities the city offers.

Students find the East Lansing Public Library, located at 950 Abbot Road, to be a nice, quiet place to study, to utilize maker spaces, and participate in great programs. Visit elpl.org to learn more about this wonderful East Lansing asset.

The East Lansing Hannah Community Center (ELHCC), 819 Abbot Road, is just a quick, five-minute walk from the MSU campus. ELHCC includes a fitness room with exercise machines and weights, an open gym, a pool for lap swimming/play and a 520-seat performing arts theater. ELHCC also features a wide variety of fitness and art classes. MSU students are welcome to join the ELHCC for off campus leisure and fitness needs. Membership information can be found online at cityofeastlansing.com/824/EL-Hannah-Community-Center.

The city’s downtown is vibrant, with a mix of eclectic shops and tasty eateries, artwork and programming, high rises, and pocket parks. Daytime, nighttime, anytime, get the scoop on downtown EL by visiting: cityofeastlansing.com/2076/Downtown-East-Lansing.


All students who move off campus are encouraged to remember that they are part of a larger community of residents. Living alongside other students, permanent residents and local businesses is exciting and a new experience for many. MSU students and permanent East Lansing residents are at their best when they celebrate the university and community together. It takes cooperation, patience and understanding. Lifestyles are often very different though - with one person’s bedtime sometimes being another person’s playtime. Local ordinances support keeping neighborhoods livable for all residents.

The city encourages students to visit the East Lansing website, cityofeastlansing.com, and to stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; facebook.com/cityofeastlansing, twitter.com/CityofEL, instagram.com/ cityofeastlansing. Students can sign up to receive emergency alerts from the East Lansing Police Department at local.nixle.com/city/mi/east-lansing. You may also add other jurisdictions such as Ingham County at the NIXLE website.