Article 3: Student Records

3.1 Record practices within the College of Law shall be based on respect for the privacy of individual law students, as well as on current federal and state laws.

3.2 All policies and practices governing access, maintenance, and release of law student records shall conform to the University’s policies governing the release of student records. Changes to record policies shall be made known to law students.

3.2.1 No record shall be made, duplicated, or retained unless it is needed for University or College of Law operations.

3.2.2 Neither the University or the College of Law shall make, duplicate, or retain records of a law student’s religious or political beliefs without the law student’s knowledge and consent.

3.2.3 Each law student shall have the right to inspect his or her own educational records, except confidential letters of recommendation. Each law student shall also have the right to inspect reports and evaluations of his or her academic performance and conduct.

3.2.4 All policies and practices dealing with the acquisition and dissemination of information in student records shall be formulated with due regard for the law student’s rights of privacy and access.

3.2.5 The College of Law shall train persons handling confidential records regarding appropriate methods of keeping such records.

3.2.6 Except as permitted by law, neither the University nor the College of Law shall provide access to a law student’s disciplinary record without the written permission of the student.

3.2.7 College of Law policies governing the maintenance and the release of records shall be subject to judicial review as provided in Article 5.