Article 6: Academic Governance

6.1 Graduate student representatives shall participate in academic governance at the department/school/program, college and University levels.

6.1.1 At the department/school level, graduate student participation in the policy-making process shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

Graduate curriculum and degree requirements.
Graduate financial aids and awards.
Graduate admissions criteria.

6.1.2 Graduate student representatives shall participate as voting members on all policy-making committees at the departmental/school/program and college levels that are directly concerned with graduate student affairs. The department/school/program advisory committees or their equivalent, in consultation with representatives of graduate students in the unit, shall determine which unit-level committees are directly concerned with graduate student affairs. Each department/school/program and college shall inform its graduate students in a timely way of the committee positions that graduate students may hold, the duties and lengths of appointment of said positions, the processes by which individuals are selected for appointment, and the names of the appointed representatives.

6.1.3 At the University level, graduate students shall be selected and shall have voting membership on the University Committee on Graduate Studies, University Council and other such committees as may be specified by the Bylaws for Academic Governance.