Text says Sparticipation, 30 August, 4-8 p.m., CHerry Lane Field


Welcome to Sparticipation 2024!

Get ready to jump-start your Spartan journey at Sparticipation 2024! This isn't just any event—it's MSU's largest Fall Welcome Tradition that brings together everything amazing about MSU. 

From over 600 student organizations to 30 unique MSU departments and a host of amazing sponsors, Sparticipation is where the magic happens. Whether you're a freshman looking to make new friends, a senior seeking new adventures, or just someone curious about campus life, this is your one-stop shop to find your next passion. 


Date: Sunday, August 25
Location: IM East Field
Time: 4 - 8 PM (EST)

Expect a day filled with music, food, and tons of fun activities, all set against the backdrop of our bustling Spartan community. Best of all, it's completely free. Don't miss out on the event of the year—Sparticipation is where you want to be!

See you there!



Rules and Regulations

All organizations, departments, and vendors that participate in Sparticipation agree to a set standard of rules. These are consistent among all the RSO Tabling Events, no matter which time of year you participate. Please be sure to understand the policies fully prior to participating in any tabling event sponsored by the Office of Spartan Experiences.

  • Logistics¬†
    • Please have just one (1) representative from your RSO/Department submit your entry.
    • Spaces will be assigned on a first come first served basis. Once capacity is met, we will create a waitlist.
    • Table availability is on a first come basis. Once the spaces are filled a waitlist will be setup.
    • If groups do not sign in on the day of Sparticipation by 3 p.m., we will release your table and assign it to a group on the waitlist.
    • There will be some water available on site but bring your own in the event water runs out or is inaccessible
    • Further details on the table assignments, check in, and other guidelines will be communicated via email to those listed in this form.
    • If there is a health accommodation for shade due to direct sunlight, please contact us at
    • If you have questions between now and time of the event, you may contact the RSO Team at
  • Sparticipation Rules
    • Tables/Tents/Materials
      • Tables must be staffed at all times.
      • Do not hang, tie, or use the trees for any reason for display purposes. Pop-up canopies are not permitted unless approved by an administrator within the Office of Spartan Experiences.
    • Sales/Solicitation/Food/Beverages
      • No sales are permitted during the Event.
      • Any food/beverage must be individually pre-packaged. For example, handing out individual slices of pizza is not permitted. Handing out pre-packaged granola bars is OK.
      • Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
      • NO RAFFLES (the exchange of money for a chance at winning goods or services) or SALES allowed. Drawings (free opportunities at winning goods or services) are acceptable.
  • Behavior
    • Disrupting/intimidating/vandalizing other tables/organizations/departments/individuals will result in immediate removal of your organization from the event.
    • Organizations must clean and maintain their group's individual area of operation and common areas throughout and following Sparticipation. If your organization leaves behind materials at your table, an incidental fee/ability to schedule future events may be assessed to the organization.
    • Please do not remove tables and chairs from the space/area during the event.
    • Do not engage in any activities or events that would create a safety or health hazard or violate University policies or city and state laws.
    • Do not engage in other activities or events unless approved by coordinators.
    • The use of amplified sound is not permitted during the event.
    • Failure to comply with Sparticipation Rules and Policies may result in a fine, removal from the event, and/or loss of organization participation in future events.
    • If your organization is fined for multiple years for failure to adhere to the Rules & Policies or engages in behavior that severely impacts operations, your organization may not receive space at future events.
    • There will be no access to electricity.
    • Tablecloths are not provided. You will need to bring your own.
    • Latex balloons are NOT ALLOWED as others may have latex allergies. Mylar balloons are considered acceptable alternatives.
  • Sustainability
    • In hopes of continuing to work on our sustainability practices, we are recommending our RSOs look at their handouts, giveaways, and other items to ensure the event can be as green as possible.
    • You are encouraged to follow all campus initiatives for recycling practices.
    • Recycle handouts, wrappings etc. when able
      • There will be recycling stations available on the field
    • Consider sustainable giveaways and ways of getting information
      • QR Codes
      • Reusable/recyclable materials/products 
  • Outdoor Safety

    For a Hot Sunny Day:

    • Drink plenty of water
    • There will be free bottles of water, while supplies last, around the event.
    • Bring umbrellas if you are at a table out in the sun.
    • Bring sun screen.
    • Consider wearing a hat.
    • Battery fans or hand fans are suggested.
    • Consider rotating members at the table and allow members to walk around, get food and/or take a break in the shade.
    • If you or a fellow Spartan needs medical attention or there is an emergency, you should:
    • Call 911.
    • If possible, get to the Safety/Medical Unit.
    • Get the attention of a Volunteer in an Event Shirt.
    • Get to the Main Information Tent.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What should my org bring to Sparticipation?

    Lots of orgs will bring a poster or some sort of display that highlights the organization, as well as any special awards/trophies/etc that your org may have. Additionally, having both a paper sign-up sheet and/or a flyer with a QR code that links to an interest form where interested individuals can sign up for more updates. Tablecloths always make things look neat and tidy as well!

    Can we pass out food or drinks?

    Any food/beverage needs to be individually packaged. For example, handing out individual slices of pizza is not OK, but individually packaged granola bars are fine.

    Do we have to stay the whole time?

    We strongly recommend that your org has a representative at your table for the duration of the program, as you never know when interested individuals will arrive!

    Will we have access to electricity? 

    No - organizations will not have power access for Sparticipation.

    Can we play music over a speaker, use microphones/megaphones, etc.?

    No - amplified sound is not permitted at Sparticipation. 

    Can I move my table to a different location?

    No - tables are placed strategically to ensure pedestrian and emergency vehicle traffic is not impeded. Tables should remain where you find them upon arrival at the event.

    Windy weather and paper...

    What if it rains?

    If the weather is forecast for rain or other types of weather, communication will go out to all the points of contact to move to our rain location 24 hours ahead of time. If any weather or other emergencies occur during the event, event coordinators will instruct individuals with instructions

    What kind of info should we have ready?

    In addition to a quick, 15-30 second "elevator pitch" that outlines your organization, some common questions you may want to be prepared to answer include:

    • Is there an audition/interview/tryout process?
    • What is the time commitment for the org like? 
    • How many members are there in the org?
    • Where can I find more information?
    • When or where do you all meet?
    • What is the group about?

Sign Up and Sponsorship Opportunities 

All organizations and departments that are wanting to participate can begin signing up on August 1st. A link will be emailed to RSOs Primary Contacts with the link that will go live on August 1st.

If you are interested in serving as a sponsor for Sparticipation please email