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Welcome to the hub for all things Sparticipation 2022! Whether you're a participant searching for an RSO to join, hosting a table, or one of our performers, you'll find all the information you need here!


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Sparticipation 2022!

  • Sparticipation 2022 Tables!

    A PDF of the list can be found HERE

    RSO Name Section Row Table
    180 Degrees Consulting MSU D F 3
    Academic Competition Club A A 6
    Accafellas C D 2
    Actuarial Science Club A A 7
    Advertising Association A A 8
    African Student Union TENT   37
    Agronomy Club E L 2
    AIGA Student Group D F 4
    ALJ Minority Pre-Pharmacy Organization C D 4
    All Arts Club D D 4
    All Together B A 5
    All-Girl Competitive Cheerleading E I 3
    Alliance of Queer and Ally Students A A 1
    Alpha Chi Sigma B C 4
    Alpha Epsilon Delta: Pre-Professional Honor Society for Health Careers A A 9
    Alpha Gamma Rho E C 8
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated- Delta Zeta Chapter E C 7
    alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. E C 6
    Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity D C 14
    Alpha Phi Omega A A 10
    Alternative Spartan Breaks E A 3
    Amateur Radio Club A C 22
    American Advertising Federation, MSU Chapter A A 11
    American Criminal Justice Association - MSU Chapter C D 16
    American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE) A A 12
    American Medical Student Association, MSU A A 13
    American Society of Landscape Architects, Michigan State University Student Chapter E H 1
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers A A 14
    American Society of Mechanical Engineers Human Powered Vehicle Challenge Team DEMO   14
    Animal Science Undergraduate Research Student Association C G 4
    Animal Welfare Club MSU C G 5
    Animal-Assisted Therapy Club at Michigan State University C G 6
    Anime Club C D 7
    Aquarium Society of Michigan State University C D 6
    Arab Culture Society D B 4
    Arc A A 5
    Archery Club, MSU A D 1
    Armenian Student Association TENT   3
    Artificial Intelligence Club at Michigan State University A A 15
    Asian Christian InterVarsity E A 4
    Asian Pacific American Student Organization E E 7
    Aspiring Black Women Doctors B C 5
    Aspiring Educators of Michigan State D F 5
    Association for Computing Machinery E B 2
    Association for Women in Sports Media A C 11
    Association of Black Journalists E L 8
    Association of Latino Professionals For America E B 3
    Athletic Training Club, Michigan State University E I 4
    Avian Science Club A A 16
    Aviation Club at Michigan State University B C 6
    Baja Racing Team DEMO   2
    Ballet, MSU D D 5
    Ballroom Dance Team, MSU D D 6
    Beal Garden C C 4
    Believer's Love World Campus Ministry TENT   19
    Bengali Students Association  TENT   4
    Big Sister Little Sister C D 9
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Undergraduate Club B C 7
    Biosystems Engineering Club B C 8
    Birding Club C D 11
    Black and Broad E L 7
    Black Girl Fitness C D 8
    Black Media Entertainment A C 3
    Black Mental Health Coalition E L 6
    Black Students’ Alliance E L 5
    Black Undergraduate Law Association E E 8
    Block and Bridle A A 17
    Blueprints for Pangea MSU B A 6
    Bowling Club A D 2
    Brain Exercise Initiative C D 13
    Brazuca TENT   5
    Breakfast Club at MSU D E 7
    Breaking Club, MSU A D 3
    Breslin Center C B 10
    Bridges International E I 2
    Broad International Student Council C E 1
    Broad Leadership Association C E 2
    Broad Student Senate C E 3
    Bug Club MSU C C 16
    Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation C A 1
    Campus Edge Fellowship TENT   20
    Campus Lions Club B A 7
    Canadian Club A A 18
    Canvases for Communities D D 7
    Capital Green A Cappella C D 3
    Career Services Network E A 1
    Casual Music Club D D 8
    Center for Community Engaged Learning and MSUvote E A 2
    Chaldean American Student Assosciation TENT   6
    Changing Health, Attitudes, and Actions to Recreate Girls MSU A D 4
    Chaos Dance Crew D D 9
    Chemistry Club A A 19
    Chess Club, MSU DEMO    13
    Chinese Christian fellowship TENT   21
    Chinese-American Student Coalition D B 7
    Circle K International E J 8
    Climb State C C 15
    Club Baseball E B 5
    Club Diving-MSU C E 5
    Club Gymnastics A D 5
    Club Tennis, MSU A D 6
    Coalition of Indian Undergraduate Students C E 7
    Coalition of Packaging Professionals and Academic Connections D F 6
    College Democrats at Michigan State University C E 16
    College Diabetes Network D E 8
    College Republicans at Michigan State B A 1
    Collegiate DECA A A 20
    Collegiate Midnight Golf Program E H 2
    Color Me Music: Alliance for Students of Color E F 1
    Comfy Cozys for Chemo D E 9
    Concert Orchestra Student Association B A 4
    Conservation Club of MSU E H 3
    Cornerstone E M 3
    Corporate Retail Association C E 9
    Council of Students with Disabilities E E 2
    Counter-Strike Club D B 16
    Cozy CoverZzz D E 10
    Crew Club, MSU DEMO   9
    Cricket Michigan State E I 5
    Criminal Defense Association C D 14
    Criminal Psychology Club C D 15
    Cru C C 13
    CTRL+A (Asian Interest Dance Group) C C 9
    Culturas de las Razas Unidas TENT   38
    Cure Found C D 12
    Curlfriends A C 12
    Daebak Spartans A A 21
    Dairy Club B A 8
    Dance Club A D 7
    Dance Marathon- Spartython A D 8
    Delight Ministries TENT   22
    Delta Epsilon Mu Alpha Chi Chapter E D 4
    Delta Phi Epsilon D F 7
    Delta Sigma Pi D C 13
    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., Epsilon Epsilon Chapter D C 12
    Delta Tau Lambda Sorority, Incorporated D C 11
    Democratic Youth Political Council TENT   15
    Department of Communication C B 9
    Dodgeball Club A D 9
    dreaMSU E F 2
    Dressage Club A D 10
    Driving Club DEMO   12
    Ducks Unlimited Chapter, MSU E H 4
    Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Graduate Group D F 8
    Education Abroad C C 6
    Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum C A 5
    Empowering Women In Law C C 12
    Engineering Student Council B C 9
    Engineers for a Sustainable World - Michigan State University E H 5
    Engineers Without Borders B C 10
    Environmental Engineering Society E H 6
    Esports Club Association of Michigan State University D B 14
    Euchre Club A D 11
    Every Nation at MSU C C 14
    Exercise is Medicine A D 12
    FAME Student Activity Board A A 22
    FarmHouse Fraternity D C 10
    Feminist Advocates for Civic Engagement A C 13
    Fencing Club A D 13
    Field Hockey Club at Michigan State A D 14
    Fighting Game Club D B 12
    Finance Association D F 9
    FIRST at Michigan State B C 11
    First Generation Honors Association E F 3
    First Love Fellowship TENT   23
    Fisheries and Wildlife Club C D 10
    Fishing Club DEMO   5
    Food and Nutrition Club D F 10
    Food Science Club B C 12
    French Club C F 15
    Friends of The Listening Ear B A 9
    Future Leaders in Sports and Entertainment A D 15
    Generations Christian Fellowship TENT   24
    Geography Club A B 1
    German Club TENT   7
    Global Brigades C F 8
    Global Sales Leadership Society D F 11
    Go>Connect TENT   25
    Golden Key International Honour Society TENT   1
    Gospel Choir D D 10
    Grace and Truth (Formerly Cutting Edge/Navigators) TENT   26
    Graphic Novels Club, MSU D D 11
    GreenHouse MSU E E 3
    Habitat for Humanity E H 7
    Halo Club D B 10
    Healthcare Research Association E D 5
    Hellenic Student Association TENT   27
    Her Campus at MSU A C 4
    Hindu YUVA TENT   28
    His House Christian Fellowship TENT   29
    Hmong American Student Association E J 3
    Holmes Science Organization B C 13
    Honors College Activities Board C F 10
    Honors College Service Club C F 11
    Honors Times Two Mentoring Program E J 2
    Horsemen's Association E I 6
    Hospitality Association A B 2
    HOUS MSU A A 2
    House of Prayer Campus Ministry C E 10
    Human Biology Club B C 14
    Human Resources Association A B 3
    HumanKind C E 13
    Hunt Seat Equestrian Team A D 16
    Impulse Dance Team A D 17
    Indian Students' Organization TENT   8
    Indigenous Latino Student Organization E E 4
    Indonesian Student Organization TENT   9
    Infrastructure Planning and Facilities C C 7
    Intercollegiate Figure Skating Team A D 18
    Interfraternity Council D C 9
    International Engagement Volunteers E B 4
    International Relations Organization C E 14
    International Scholars Advisory Board C F 9
    International Student Association of Michigan State University E J 4
    Iraqi American Union C F 12
    Irish Dance Club A D 19
    Italian Club C F 14
    James Madison College Conservatives B B 15
    James Madison College Student Senate TENT   16
    Japan Club C F 13
    Jewish Resource Center D A 14
    Jewish Spartans of Chabad E A 7
    Jewish Student Union TENT   10
    Judo Club A D 20
    Kappa Alpha Pi D F 12
    Kappa Alpha Psi E C 5
    Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. D C 8
    Kappa Delta Pi C G 2
    Kappa Sigma E C 4
    Karate Club A D 21
    Kendo Club, MSU C D 1
    Kids Without Cancer MSU D E 11
    Korean Student Association D A 15
    La Comunidad Latino Americana E E 1
    Ladies First A C 14
    Ladies of Elevation A C 15
    Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. D C 7
    Leader Dog Club C G 3
    League of Legends, MSU D C 16
    Lebanese Student Association TENT   11
    Letters for Change at MSU A C 5
    Literature Association A B 4
    Lutheran Student Organization-Martin Luther Chapel TENT   30
    Magic: The Gathering, MSU A D 22
    Marketing Association A B 5
    Mathematics Club A B 6
    Meeting and Events Club A B 8
    Men’s Club Volleyball, MSU DEMO   4
    Men's Glee Club, MSU D D 12
    Men's Ultimate Frisbee C G 8
    Mental Health Awareness Club D E 12
    Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Club B C 15
    Middle Eastern Law Student Association E F 4
    Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences E H 8
    Minority Association of Premedical Students C D 5
    Mission Menstruation x MSU E B 7
    Mixed Martial Arts Club E B 1
    Mixed MSU C G 10
    Mock Trial Association, MSU C G 13
    Model United Nations, MSU C E 15
    MOSAIC E F 5
    Mosaic InterVarsity Christian Fellowship E A 5
    MRULE-ICA@Mosaic C C 2
    MSU Alumni Office | Future Alumni C A 4
    MSU Bikes C B 6
    MSU College of Music B A 3
    MSU Greenline C A 3
    MSU Health Care C B 7
    MSU Information Technology C B 8
    MSU Libraries Hollander Makerspace and Digital Scholarship Lab C C 3
    MSU Museum C B 1
    MSU Office of Sustainability C A 6
    MSU Police C C 1
    MSU Safe Place C C 5
    Mu Epsilon Delta B C 16
    Multicultural Greek Council D C 6
    Muslim Students Association TENT   12
    My Spartan Story C A 7
    National Agri-Marketing Association A B 9
    National Association of Black Accountants E F 6
    National Press Photographers Association MSU A C 6
    National Society of Black Engineers C G 14
    National Student Speech Language Hearing Association C G 16
    Neuroscience Club B D 1
    North American Indigenous Student Org E M 1
    Nursing Student Association D F 13
    Office of Supportive Services- TRIO Program C A 10
    On The Rise Entertainment A C 7
    One Community: Lutheran Campus Ministry at MSU TENT   31
    Orchesis Dance Company E K 1
    Orphan Relief B A 10
    Orthodox Christian Fellowship C C 11
    Outdoors Club C C 8
    Overarching Love B A 11
    Overwatch Club D B 9
    Pad the Mitten D A 2
    Pakistani Students Association - Undergraduate C F 16
    Panhellenic Council E C 3
    Paranormal Society C G 1
    Peace Corps Recruitment Office C B 2
    People’s Church Campus Ministry E J 6
    Perfect Pair B A 12
    Phi Chi Theta D F 14
    Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity C E 12
    Phi Epsilon Kappa A B 10
    Phi Gamma Nu D F 15
    Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. D C 5
    Phi Kappa Sigma E C 2
    Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia D A 4
    Phi Sigma Rho Sorority B B 1
    Philosophy Club at Michigan Sate University A B 11
    Photography Club, MSU D D 13
    Pi Sigma Epsilon D F 16
    Pilipino American Student Society C C 10
    Planned Parenthood Generation Action D A 1
    Plant Biology Club B D 2
    Polo Club A E 1
    Powerlifting Club, Michigan State A E 2
    Pre-Dental Club C F 7
    Pre-Medical Association C F 1
    Pre-Optometry Club C F 2
    Pre-Pharmacy Club C F 3
    Pre-Physical/ Occupational Therapy Association C F 4
    Pre-Physician Assistant Club C F 5
    Pre-Physician Association C F 6
    Pre-Street Medicine D A 5
    Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association E K 6
    Pre-Veterinary Medical Association E M 4
    PRISM E E 5
    Professional Asian Student Association A B 12
    Project "Let's Erase the Stigma" D E 13
    Project Sunshine D E 14
    Protect Life at MSU A C 16
    Psi Chi D A 5
    Psychology club D A 6
    Public Relations Student Society of America D G 1
    Quidditch, Michigan State E A 8
    RaaSparty E F 7
    Racing Club, MSU A E 3
    Reach Outside E G 1
    Real Time Strategy Games Club D C 15
    Red Cross Club D B 1
    Red Glasses Movement, Michigan States University Student Chapter B B 2
    Refugee Outreach Collective E E 6
    Relay, MSU D E 15
    Rising Black Men E K 3
    Riv MSU C E 11
    Rocket League Club D B 13
    Rocketry Team A B 13
    Rodeo Club A E 4
    Roial Players D D 14
    Rotaract Club A B 14
    Roundnet Club A B 15
    Royal Dance Movement D D 15
    Royal Encounters D E 16
    Running Club, MSU A E 5
    Russian Club A E 6
    Sailing Club, Michigan State A E 7
    Salsa Club A E 8
    Salt Company Student Fellowship of Michigan State E J 7
    Science Theatre B D 3
    SciReview B D 4
    Scuba Club A E 9
    Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Team D F 1
    Shooting Sports Club, Michigan State University E I 7
    Sigma Alpha Iota D A 3
    Sigma Alpha Mu D C 4
    Sigma Alpha Omega -Alpha Omega Chapter TENT   32
    Sigma Alpha Sorority D G 2
    Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated, Gamma Omega Chapter D C 3
    Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc. - Pi Alpha Colony D C 2
    Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Incorporated Theta Alpha chapter D C 1
    Sigma Pi Fraternity, Zeta Mu Chapter E C 1
    Sikh Student Association TENT   33
    Skateboard Club E I 8
    Slow Food MSU E G 2
    Smash Melee Club, Michigan State D A 8
    Smash Ultimate Club, MSU D A 9
    Social Club, The E K 8
    Society of Applied Engineering Sciences B D 5
    Society Of Asian Scientists and Engineers` B D 6
    Society of Automotive Engineers Formula Racing Team DEMO   1
    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers C G 13
    Society of Physics Students B D 7
    Society of Women Engineers, MSU Chapter A C 17
    Society of Women in Space Exploration A C 18
    Solar Car Team, Michigan State DEMO   3
    Songs For Smiles D D 16
    Spanish Club D E 1
    Spartan Aerospace Medicine E D 6
    Spartan Analytics Consulting Group B D 8
    Spartan Battalion Army ROTC TENT   2
    Spartan Blockchain E K 7
    Spartan Chapter of the National Society of Black Physicists E D 7
    Spartan Christian Fellowship D A 10
    Spartan Dischords D E 2
    Spartan Fair Chance A B 16
    Spartan Food Security Council E I 1
    Spartan Global Development Fund B B 3
    Spartan Hackers D A 12
    Spartan Holistic Health Club A B 17
    Spartan Internationals D A 11
    Spartan League of Women Voters C G 11
    Spartan Linux Users Group B D 9
    Spartan Professional Network D G 3
    Spartan Showstoppers Dance Team A E 10
    Spartan Sierra Club E G 3
    Spartan Speech A B 18
    Spartan State Security Team D A 13
    Spartan Statistical Association B D 10
    Spartan Stuttering Group C G 15
    Spartan Support Network B B 4
    Spartan Sur B B 5
    Spartan Thrift Club E G 4
    Spartan Toastmasters A B 19
    Spartan Zaariya D E 3
    Spartan Zubaan C E 6
    Spartans Empower Body Acceptance B B 6
    Spartans For Israel D A 16
    Spartans' Organization for All Recovery E J 1
    Spartans Rebuilding Michigan D B 2
    Spartasoft B D 11
    Spartners in Crime E L 1
    Special Olympics Michigan State B B 7
    Spectrum Consulting Group A B 20
    Splatoon Club D B 11
    Sports Analytics E D 1
    Sports Medicine Club A B 21
    Sports Perspectives A E 11
    St. John's Catholic Men's Group TENT   34
    St. Jude Ambassadors B B 8
    State of Fifths D E 4
    State Swing Society A E 12
    STrength Augmenting Robotic eXoskeleton Team E D 8
    Student Cold Case Unit, MSU A B 22
    Student Council for Exceptional Children B B 9
    Student Emergency Response Team B B 10
    Student Greenhouse Project DEMO   10
    Student Health Advisory Council B D 12
    Student Organized Autonomous Research DEMO   8
    Student Public Interest Research Group E G 5
    Students Consulting for Nonprofit Organizations B B 11
    Students Demand Action at MSU B B 12
    Students for Cooperation E K 4
    Students for Sensible Drug Policy B B 13
    Students Organize for Syria D B 3
    Students United for Palestinian Rights E M 2
    Successful Black Women A C 19
    Sunrise Movement Michigan State E G 6
    Supply Chain Management Association E A 6
    Survivor Michigan State A C 8
    Sustainable Business Association D B 5
    Sustainable Spartans D B 6
    Swara, MSU B B 14
    Swim Club C E 4
    Synchronized Skating Team C G 9
    Table Tennis Club A E 13
    Tabletop Club A E 14
    Taiwanese Student Association TENT   13
    TEDxMSU E J 5
    Telecasters A C 9
    The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center A A 4
    Theta Delta Chi E B 8
    Together We Rise B C 1
    TransAction A A 3
    Transfer Student Success Center/APUE C A 9
    Triangle Fraternity D D 1
    Triathlon Club E D 2
    Truth Seekers Campus Ministry E L 3
    Turning Point USA at Michigan State University B A 2
    UKIRK at MSU Presbyterian Campus Ministry TENT   35
    Undergraduate Anthropology Club A C 1
    Undergraduate International Indian Student Association TENT   14
    Undergraduate Moot Court Association C G 12
    Undergraduate Research Office C A 8
    Undergraduate Student National Dental Association E F 8
    Underwater Hockey A E 15
    UNICEF at MSU E K 5
    UniServices MSU A C 10
    United Nations Association E G 7
    University Blood Initiative, Michigan State D F 2
    Unmanned Systems B D 13
    Valorant Club D B 15
    VEX Robotics B D 14
    Vietnamese Student Association D B 8
    VIM Magazine C E 8
    Viridis (Treble Glee Club) D E 5
    Wakeboard Club and Team DEMO   6
    Water Ski Club DEMO   7
    Wealth Management Association D G 4
    Wesley Foundation TENT   36
    Western Equestrian Team A E 16
    Wharton Center Student Marketing Organization D E 6
    Wildlife Disease Association E G 8
    Women and Minorities in Economics A C 20
    Women For Weights A E 17
    Women in Business Students' Association E B 8
    Women in Computing A C 21
    Women In Entrepreneurship C A 2
    Women in STEM B D 15
    Women of Distinction E L 4
    Women*s Council C B 4
    Women*s Initiative for Leadership Development C B 5
    Women*s Student Services C B 3
    Women's Club Basketball at MSU A E 18
    Women's Club Soccer White E D 3
    Women's Club Volleyball DEMO   4
    Women's Fastpitch Club Softball E B 6
    Women's Lacrosse A E 19
    Women's Rugby Football Club A E 20
    Women's Ultimate Frisbee C G 7
    Women's Water Polo A E 21
    Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State University B B 16
    Young Communist League TENT   17
    Young Democratic Socialists of America, Michigan State TENT   18
    Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's B D 16
    Yu-Gi-Oh Club A E 22
    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated - Phi Gamma Chapter D D 2
    Zeta Psi D D 3
    Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority Incorporated B C 3
    Zeta Theta Omega A C 2
    Zoological Students Association E K 2
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  • Load-In/Out Drop Off & Parking Map

Information for RSOs and Departments Hosting Tables

  • Table Assignment Rules and Regulations
    1. Sections A-D are traditional spaces which is a 6' table and 2 chairs
    2. Section E is the 10'X10' spaces with a 6' table and 2 chairs
    3. Demostration Area is for large displays such as boats, vehicles, etc. These spaces DO NOT get a table but will get 2 chairs. 
    4. The Accessibility Tent is traditional spaces which are 6' tables and 2 chairs under a large tent
    5. Table assignments are final. We have attempted to meet all your registration requests to the best of our ability. In navigating space requests, neighboring entity requests, accommodations, not all requests could be fulfilled. 
      1. RSOs and Departments may only request the ability to be near one (1) additional RSO/Department BOTH must reflect the request in their Sparticipation Request
    6. If there is a health or accomodation need that was not put into the initial request, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to make an adjustment to your table assignment.
    7. If groups DO NOT CHECK-IN on the day of Sparticipation by 3:30 p.m., we will release your table and assign it to a group on the waitlist.
      1. You will sign in via QR code with the volunteers in your section. Volunteers will be in lime green shirts.
    8. There is no electricity access.
  • Load-In and Set-Up Information
    1. Load-In is 2-4 p.m. for all RSOs and Departments
      1. For Oversize Display/Demonstration Area (DEMO): Please note that Load-In starts at 10 a.m. and will go until 1:30 p.m. for these spaces
        1. We ask that those in the Oversize/Demonstration Area be set up by 1:30 p.m. for safety purposes, so please plan accordingly
    2. If at all possible, please park in the Breslin parking lot or the parking ramp next to 1855 Place and bring your items from there.
    3. If you have heavy items or a large quantity of items to carry, you can park at the designated spot on Birch, alongside the east side of Cherry Lane Field, unload and then park in Breslin Lot, Stadium Lot or the 1855 Parking Ramp 
      1. It is suggested you do this in pairs so an RSO member may watch your items while the other parks. 
      2. We will have a limited number of laundry carts and golf carts (driven by Staff) to assist you with your heavier items. Please return laundry carts to the Student Life tent when you are finished unloading.
    4. Areas will be designated by 13ft green flutter flags. 
    5. If you are assigned a table in Sections A-D or the Accessibility Tent you will NOT be able to set up a tent at your table.
    6. If you are assigned a space in Section E and plan to set up a Tent, do NOT use stakes, only weights. Your group will also have a 6 ft table with 2 chairs provided.
  • Check-In Information
    1. When you arrive, please check in with the volunteers in your section.
      1. Sections are identified by large green flutter flags
      2. Staff will be available in all sections to check you in and to assist you in finding your table.
    2. Once you check-in…ENJOY THE FAIR!
  • Load-Out and Tear Down Information
    1. We ask that you stay set up until 8 p.m., when the event is scheduled to end.
    2. Please ensure that you clean up your table and area when the event ends.
      1. Every RSO will be provided a small trash bag to assist with clean up.
      2. At the end of the event please put all recycling and trash in the appropriate containers
    3. We encourage you to assist others in your area
    4. There is no check-out process; you may leave when you are through with cleaning up your area.
  • Safety

    For a Hot Sunny Day:

    1. Drink plenty of water
      1. There will be free bottles of water, while supplies last, near the Main Stage and the Sponsors Area.
    2. Bring umbrellas if you are at a table out in the sun.
    3. Bring sun screen.
    4. Consider wearing a hat.
    5. Battery fans or hand fans are suggested.
    6. Consider rotating members at the table and allow members to walk around, get food and/or taking a break in the shade.
    7. If you or a fellow Spartan needs medical attention or there is an emergency, you should:
      1. Call 911.
      2. If possible, get to the Safety/Medical Unit, located on the east side (opposite of the tables). You can enter from Birch Road.
      3. Get the attention of a Volunteer in a Green Shirt.
      4. Get to the Main Information Tent.

    For a Cool Sunny Day:

    1. Drink plenty of water.
      1. There will be free bottles of water, while supplies last, near the Main Stage and the Sponsors Area.
    2. Bring umbrellas if you are at a table out in the sun.
    3. Bring sun screen.
    4. Consider wearing a hat.
    5. Consider rotating members at the table and allow members to walk around, get food and/or taking a break.
    6. If you or a fellow Spartan needs medical attention or there is an emergency, you should:
      1. Call 911.
      2. If possible, get to the Safety/Medical Unit, located on the east side (opposite of the tables). You can enter from Birch Road.
      3. Get the attention of a Volunteer in a Green Shirt.
      4. Get to the Main Information Tent.

    Sudden Inclement Weather:

    1. In true Michigan tradition, if a storm sneaks up on us we will make an announcement as soon as possible over the sound systems from the main stage and volunteers will be out sharing the information. 
    2. We will direct all participants to a nearby building for shelter including Wilson, Breslin, and Munn.
  • Sustainability
    1. MSU is a GOLD Certified Sustainable  Green Campus Michigan State University | Institutions | STARS Reports (
    2. You are encouraged to follow all campus initiatives for recycling practices
    3. Recycle handouts, wrappings etc when able
      1. There will be recycling stations available on the field
    4. Consider sustainable giveaways and ways of getting information
      1. QR Codes
      2. Reusable/recyclable materials/products
  • Other Information
    1. Do not shift the tables.
    2. Do not change table assignments or swap tables.
    3. Be respectful to your other neighbors.
    4. Latex balloons are NOT ALLOWED as others may have latex allergies. Mylar balloons are considered acceptable alternatives.
    5. Food giveaways must be store bought and individually packaged by the supplier/vendor.
    6. NO RAFFLES (the exchange of money for a chance at winning goods or services) or SALES allowed. Drawings (free opportunities at winning goods or services) are acceptable.
    7. Do not hang, tie or use the trees for any reason including for display purposes.
    8. If you do not adhere to guidelines, you may risk not being allowed to participate in future events.
    9. It is expected that all students and RSOs treat staff and volunteers with grace and not mistreat them.
    10. Being an outdoor event with either sun or wind, please plan on bringing back up hard copies of sign in sheets, etc if you are planning on using electronic devices. 
  • Communication
    1. If you have questions between now and time of the event, you may contact the RSO Team at
    2. Please monitor your email for communications from the team as we move closer to the event.
    3. If the Rain Plan is initiated, we will notify participants via email and social media. 
    4. During Sparticipation you can talk with the RSO Team at the Main Information Tent which will be alongside Birch Road. It is indicated by “Main Info” on the map and will have a green flutter flag.
    5. All Sparticipation Staff will be in event shirts this year, so please grab one of us if you need anything.
    6. Please listen to event staff and any emergency officials throughout the event and in cases of emergencies.

Information for RSOs Seeking to Perform

  • Guidelines
    The RSO Team is seeking Registered Student Organizations who would like to do a performance or demostration on the Main Stage of Sparticipation! 

    Performances can include dancing, singing, spoken word, etc.

    Demostrations can include activity demonstration such as fencing, conditioning, etc.

    • Performances/Demonstrations must be 3 minutes or less.
    • Stage space is only 16 ft. X 20 ft.
    • We will only provide microphones and abilty for music tracks.
    • Minimal or no props is ideal.
    • The performance or demonstration must highlight the RSO and be appropriate for public consumption.
    • Must be respectful to other RSOs.
    • RSOs must adhere to all applicable institutional policies.
    • Groups will be selected on type of performance for a wide range of performances and demonstrations.
    • Video and/or photo submission of performance or demonstration is required for review
    • Submissions are due 12 AUGUST.
    • To review all Guidelines and Information on performing please visit the Sparticipation Website.
  • Pre-Sparticipation
    1. If you have music to play, please get that to us by Monday, 29 August at Noon
      1. For hard copies, you can drop it off to the Student Services Building, 556 E Circle Dr, Suite 101 to Brian or Adam. 
      2. For digital copies you can email involve@msu or share via driveto
    2. Please email an introduction to by Monday at Noon
  • Stage Details
    1. The Main Stage is 16’ X 20’ 
    2. There will be stairs and ramp for access to the stage.
    3. We will have volunteer team members to help faciltate any microphone needs etc. 
  • Check-In
    1. Please check in at least 15 minutes before your performance time
      1. Check in will be at the Staging Tent by the Main Stage
    2. Ensure that you have all costumes, props, etc. with you when you check in
    3. Ensure that you have a back-up of music with you when you check in
  • Load-Out/Tear Down
    1. We ask that you ensure all items are cleared from the stage after your performance
    2. Be sure to clean up the tent area and have all your props with you when you leave the UAB Tent
    3. Be sure to grab any music etc from the DJs
  • Safety
    1. Drink plenty of water
      1. There will be free bottles of water in the Performers Tent
    2. Bring sun screen
    3. Battery fans or hand fans are suggested
    4. If you or a fellow Spartan needs medical attention or there is an emergency, you should:
      1. Call 911
      2. If possible, get to the Safety/Medical Unit, located on the west side (opposite of the tables). You can enter from Birch Road
      3. Get the attention of a Volunteer in a Green Shirt
      4. Get to the Main Information Tent
  • Other Guidelines
    1. Be aware of the music you select and the MSU community who will be attending this event
    2. Be aware of your language if you speak or introduce a performance piece while you are on stage
    3. Listen and follow the guidance of volunteers while you are in the Stage Area
    4. Follow these rules and guidelines. If you do not you may risk not being allowed to perform in future events. 
    5. It is expected that all students and RSOs treat staff and volunteers with grace and not mistreat them.
  • Communication
    1. If you have questions between now and time of the event, you may contact the RSO TEam at
    2. Please monitor your email for communications from the team as we move closer to the event.
    3. If the Rain Plan is initiated, we will notify participants via email and social media. Performances will NOT happen if the rain plan is initiated.
    4. During Sparticipation you can talk with the RSO Team and UAB Teams at the UAB Tent by the Main Stage.
    5. All Sparticipation Staff will be in event shirts this year, so please grab one of us if you need anything.
    6. Please listen to event staff and any emergency officials throughout the event and in cases of emergencies.