Temporary Structures, Erection of

(Administrative Ruling)

A. In accordance with constitutional rights of freedom of expression, symbolic structures representing constitutionally protected expression may be erected by students, student groups and registered student organizations in the area lying between the Red Cedar River, the International Students Center, Erickson Hall and Wells Hall in accordance with this administrative ruling.

B. Registration for a permit shall be initiated in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services (Student Life Office) during normal business hours on forms provided by that office. Permits for the erection of such temporary structures shall be issued after proper registration on a first-come first-served basis unless it is determined that the approval would result in interference with the public health and/or public safety or in unreasonable interference with the operations and/or use of university buildings or grounds. The duration of a permit shall not exceed fourteen (14) consecutive days. Permits may be renewed for additional periods of fourteen (14) days upon renewal of registration, provided that there has been no breach of the terms of the permit, the number of registrants who can be accommodated in the area is not exceeded and there are no other registrants waiting to use the area.

C. Individuals who are issued permits shall abide by the following terms:

  1. Symbolic structures shall be erected only within the above-described area and restricted to the boundaries indicated on the attached map. (Available in 101 Student Services Building.)

  2. Symbolic structures shall not exceed thirty-two (32) square feet at the base, eight (8) feet in height, nor be located less than twenty-four (24) feet from any other structure.

  3. Symbolic structures shall not be inhabited, slept in, camped in or used as shelters.

  4. Persons to whom permits have been granted (permit holders) shall be personally responsible for any symbolic structure erected.

  5. Permit holders shall maintain the structure and immediately surrounding area in such manner and by such means as will leave the area unimpaired and free from trash, garbage and litter.

  6. Signs, posters, placards, and banners shall not be attached to any trees, shrubs or buildings. Symbolic structures shall not be affixed to the grounds or any trees, shrubs or buildings.

  7. Individuals who have erected structures or directed the erection of structures are responsible for and liable to the University for the costs of removal, storage or other disposition of any structure which is impounded by the University for violation of any of these guidelines.

  8. Violation of the terms of any permit by a permit holder may result in prosecution and/or penalties as provided in Ordinance No. 28 (https://trustees.msu.edu/bylaws-ordinances-policies/ordinances/ordinance-28.00.html).

D. Any permit may be revoked or modified if the activities of the participants interfere with the public health and/or safety or unreasonably interfere with the operations or use of University buildings or grounds or if the terms and conditions of the permit are violated.

E. Every effort will be made to complete the processing of the registration for a permit expeditiously but not later than three (3) class days.

Information regarding permission to erect A-frames and sandwich boards outside of campus buildings is available in the Student Life Office, 101 Student Services Building. Size limit is 3′ x 5′.