Student Programs Funding Guide

Finding the funds to assist with your event or program can often be a time consuming and frustrating process; sometimes as time consuming as putting on the event itself! The Student Programs Funding Resource Guide outlines the process and resources available to fund your event or program.
  • Funding Criteria

    Each campus office or community partner has different levels of funding, criteria, and application processes. Because of this, below is a list of questions to anticipate and information you should inquire about before applying:

    Availability of funding

    1. What is the amount of funding available from each organization?
    2. Are there any limits to the amount?
    3. When is funding available (throughout the year, semesterly, etc)?
    4. Can an organization make a request for funding multiple times?
    Criteria for allocating funds
    1. Do you need to have an on-campus MSU Account
    2. Is it through a reimbursement process or issued wholly upon approval?

    Application to request funds

    1. Where is the application?
    2. What questions does it ask?
    3. Do you need to align with specific values or goals?

    Advance time frame of your event to request funds

    1. When do applications open?
    2. When are deadlines for the application?
    3. What is the decision timeline?
    4. What is the timeline after approval for funding transfer?


    1. Have the details of the event readily available and planned out as much as possible
    2. Be able to provide the purpose and learning outcomes of the event or program
    3. Be able to share assessment plans of the event
  • Campus Source: ASMSU

    Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU)
    Student Services Building
    556 E. Circle Drive, Room 307
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    Telephone: 517-355-8266

    Website: Student Allocations Board


    The Associated Students of Michigan State University is the undergraduate Student Government of Michigan State. Their mission is to enhance the individual and collective student experience through education, empowerment and advocacy by dedication to the needs and interests of students. Services offered through ASMSU include free blue books, interest free loans, iClicker rental, free Red Cedar Log Yearbooks, copy/fax services, insurance plans, test prep courses, as well as the Readership Program which provides free daily New York Times, USA Today, and Detroit Free Press in various locations around campus. ASMSU also offers free legal services, as well as student defenders who can advise on issues related to the University Judicial System. For information regarding ASMSU services, please contact the Vice President for Finance and Operations, at vpfo@asmsu.msu.


    Funding Options are:

    RSO Start Up Funding:

    • Must be a new and current Registered Student Organization
    • Minimum amount to request: $50
    • Maximum amount to request: $300
    • The RSO must have a MSU on-campus account
    • A presentation to the Student Allocations Board is required
    • Can only apply to this once ever, within the first year of being an RSO
    • For more information and application link:
    RSO General Funding:
    • Must be a current Registered Student Organization
    • Maximum amount to request: $4500
    • The RSO must have a MSU on-campus account
    • A presentation to the Student Allocations Board is required
    • Must apply in the same semester as the event or program
    • For more information and application link:

    CoRES & CoPS Funding:

    • Must be a currently recognized CoRES or CoPS organization
    • The group must have a MSU on-campus account
    • A presentation to the Student Allocations Board is required
    • For more information and application link:
  • Campus Source: COGS

    Council of Graduate Students
    Chittenden Hall
    466 W. Circle Drive, Room 120
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    Telephone: 517-353-9189
    Website: COGS Funding

    The Council of Graduate Students is the authorized student government on campus representing
    all graduate/professional students at Michigan State University. Our mission is to promote the
    academic, social and economic goals of graduate and professional students. COGS accomplishes
    its mission through advocacy, innovative programming, and collaboration with other student
    organizations and the academic and administrative units of the University.
    The Council of Graduate Students has funding available to graduate and professional students.
    All requests submitted past the deadline for applications will not be considered. Funding is not
    available if you’ve requested a refund of your COGS tax. 

    Funding options are:

    Event Funding:

    Conference Support Funding:

    Professional Development:

  • Campus Source: RHA
    Residence Halls Association (RHA)
    Holden Hall
    234 Wilson Road, Room G-7
    East Lansing MI, 48824
    Telephone: 517-355-8285

    Website: RHA Funding

    The MSU Residece Halls Association (RHA) is Michigan State's on-campus student government. Representing more than 15,000 students, MSU RHA is one of the largest Residence Halls Associations in the country. MSU RHA is dedicated to improving the on-campus living experience, and providing many services to students. Campus Center Cinemas, RHA TV, RHA Movie Offices, and Condom Connection are all services that are provided to the students by the RHA.The mission of the Residence Halls Association is to represent the residents of Michigan State University objectively, protect the rights of residents, and to provide a voice for the concerns of our residents. We strive to achieve this by assisting hall organizations with publicity, legislation, and funding, and by providing valuable services and opportunities through our programs. Through these initiatives, RHA is committed to continuously improving the on-campus experience at Michigan State University.

  • Campus Source: OGA
    Owen Graduate Association (OGA)
    Owen Hall
    735 E. Shaw Lane
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    Telephone: 517-355-8989

    Website: Owen Graduate Association

    OGA is a student governing group representing Owen Graduate Hall. Their mission is to serve the residents of Owen Hall through planning and implementation of hall programs and providing services based on the needs of the residents of Owen Hall.
  • Campus Source: UACOR
    University Apartments Council of Residents (UACOR)
    1855 Place
    Building 533, Room 106
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    Telephone: see email
    Website: UACOR Home

    UACOR is a student governing group representing Spartan Village, University Village, and 1855 Place. UACOR provides activities and services to residents in these communities. Additionally, UACOR represents students' views to University Residence Education and Housing Services, and other institutional partners.
  • Campus Source: RHS
    Residential and Hospitality Services
    1855 Place
    550 S. Harrison Road, 3rd floor
    East Lansing, MI 48824
    Telephone: 517-355-7457
    Email: or 

    Website: RHS Home

    The Office of the Senior Vice President for Auxiliary Enterprises, and departments within Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) allocate a limited number of funds and resources annually to financially assist the community through organizational support for programming and events. Preference will be given to: MSU Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) over campus departments; events on campus over off-campus events; higher priority will be given to events in RHS facilities over other facilities. All requests should be made at least six weeks in advance of the date needed.  For the funding request form, contact: or

  • Community Source: MSUFCU

    MSU Federal Credit Union
    3777 West Road
    E. Lansing, MI, 48823
    Telephone: 517-333-2424

    Website: MSUFCU Home

    All MSU student organization requests must be submitted through the Division of Student Affairs, Department of Student Life's MSUFCU Corporate Sponsorship Request Form. While the MSUFCU cannot honor all requests, they do make an effort to financially assist the MSU community through organization support that aligns with their five philanthropic pillars.  All communications will be done via the email address provided within this form after the review date.

    Criteria and guidelines: 

    • Must be a new and current Registered Student Organization
    • Minimum amount to request: No Minimum
    • Maximum amount to request: No Maximum
    • Applications are due 6 weeks minimum prior to when the funds are needed
    • Applications are due the 15thof every month and reviewed by the MSUFCU Corporate Sponsorship Request Committee monthly
    • Must align with one of their pillars:
      • Arts & Culture
      • Stable Housing
      • Empowering Youth
      • Financial Education
      • Fostering Entrepreneurialism
    • For more information and application link:
Updated 11 August 2021